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IQP inspection


“Independent qualified person” widely known as IQP is a person or an organisation who is accepted by a local council/territorial authority as being qualified to carry out or supervise the inspection, reporting, and maintenance procedures needed for a specified system” stated on a compliance schedule of the building.In a nutshell “Specified systems” of a building help to make sure people remain safe and healthy when they live, work, or enter the building.

Once IQP complete their maintenance, inspection & reporting of a specified system and they (IQP) are satisfied that the specified system is performing as per the standards/Compliance Schedule of the building, they would issue Form 12a (IQP’s certificate for that specified system).

One of the significant parts of the definition of an IQP is ‘Independent’, which means that the IQP has no financial interest in the building. To confirm that these people are appropriately competent, they are registered on the appropriate council’s register – an important form of screening that confirms no disreputable person gains this registration. An IQP possesses comprehensive knowledge of the Building Act 2004 and other legal obligations under the nation’s Building Warrant of Fitness regime.

IQP Inspections in New Zealand

IQP’s are formally registered by their local Councils/ territorial authorities to carry out the following procedures:

  1. Maintain, Inspect & Report on the specified systems of the building
  2. Follow the proper requirements that are mentioned in the compliance schedule of your building
  3. Provide the required documentation (form 12a, Testing report, specified system status, etc) which confirms your building’s compliance.
  4. If necessary, repair and maintain any defect of the specified systems to make sure they operate and perform to the performing standards mentioned in the buildings compliance schedule

If you require more information about IQP in New Zealand and related content. The New Zealand government Building department has very good resources on the Building Performance Webpage: Managing Your BWoF which contains a wealth of knowledge for anyone wishing to learn more about the responsibilities of the IQP’s in New Zealand.

Finding the right IQP is as challenging as finding an honest tradesperson. We have written an extensive Blog page to help clients find their ideal IQP’s who are willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Click on this Blog link to read and learn about finding the ideal registered IQP in NZ:  How to find the right IQP

At BWoF Ltd, we are certified to carry out IQP inspections throughout New Zealand. We enjoy an excellent rapport with all Territorial Authorities / Local Councils Nationwide to ensure your legal obligations are met for Form 12A (IQP certificates) within budget, on time, every time. BWoF Ltd provides IQP services to many buildings New Zealand-wide and can provide testing, survey, reporting, and maintenance on the following systems:

Bulding warrent of fitness
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IQP Inspection

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