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SS2- Automatic or Manual Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems Inspection for your Building WoF

Fire Alarm systems need ongoing inspection schedule to comply with the requirements of your building WoF. BWoF Ltd. will make this process cheaper & stress-free.
Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm
​​​​Early detection of fire is critical to minimising risk to people and reducing potential damage. Every second saved through early warning can make a difference.

While the main focus of your fire protection strategy should be to prevent fire, should a fire accidentally break out early automatic fire detection is essential. Fire detection and alarm systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation, which in turn can facilitate safe and swift evacuation of people from your premises.

Maintenance & Testing process (performing standard: NZS 4512 /AS 1851 etc.)

For a fire alarm system to operate correctly, frequent maintenance & testing as per performing standard should take place. Like all things, Alarm system will decay and experience natural damage, wear and tear, batteries will become worn gradually and they need replacing. Regrettably, the testing of a fire alarm system will result in some disturbance within the work environment when testing the system’s sounder or siren however its very minimal. During testing process need to look at all the different parts, starting with the main panel, batteries (fully charged & not worn), smoke / heat detectors, manual call points etc. are sufficiently delicate.

Your fire detection and alarm systems may require inspection and maintenance to meet the Building Act (for your building WoF) or you may require expert preventative maintenance to protect the significant investment in your fire alarm systems. Contact BWoF Ltd, we will look after you.
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