SS11 - Laboratory fume cupboards

Fume Cupboards IQP Inspections Form 12A Building WoF

Laboratory fume cupboards need ongoing inspection & maintenance to satisfy building WoF requirements. do you wish to reduce cost on this inspection?

The main reason for using a fume cupboard is to deliver a safe working atmosphere for the operator and other laboratory workers. The fume cupboard provides mechanical means of seizing, diluting, and exhausting all fumes – especially important if you are dealing with hazardous or toxic gases.

Maintenance & Testing process (performing standards: AS/NZS 2243 etc.)

The effectiveness and safety of a fume cupboard lie on a range of aspects, for instance, the smooth entry of air, the effective restraint of fumes, materials of the construction, and the safe dispersion of fumes into the environment. The testing of fume cupboards should be carried out by an IQP on a six-monthly and annual basis. All tests should conform with the updated Standard AS/NZS 2243.8

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