SS3.3 - Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors

Fire | Smoke | Interfaced Door Inspections for Building WoF

Interfaced fire or smoke doors, door holder need ongoing inspection schedule to comply with the requirements of building WoF, our inspection prices are unbeaten

Interfaced fire and smoke doors or windows require consistent inspections to confirm they function as required by the performance standards in event of a fire. An example of interfaced smoke & fire doors:

We have extensive knowledge and experience in inspecting all types of Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors that require compulsory checks. Being IQP approved with all authorities nationwide you can be assured that we are well versed in taking care of your Building Compliance requirements.

Maintenance & Testing process (performing standard: NZS 4239/AS 4085 /AS 1851 etc.)

Preventative maintenance needs to be carried out as per the designated performance and inspection document, to confirm occupants are not prevented from exiting the building in the event of an emergency.

Depending on type and size, back-up rechargeable batteries should be replaced approximately every 2 years or when found to be impracticable. Cleaning of control gears and systematic checking all components (keypads, locks, doors, readers,) and recording any variations should be part of the maintenance schedule.

Typical Testing includes: Doors should be inspected to ensure they are not: locked,  blocked, barred,

Some typical Inspection of the following should be carried out:

Bulding warrent of fitness
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