IQP inspection

“Independent qualified person” (IQP) is a person who is accepted by a local council, as being qualified to carry out or supervise all or some of the inspection, reporting and maintenance procedures needed for a specified system stated on a compliance schedule. An IQP can certify that those procedures have been fully conformed with

‘Independent’ means that the individual has no financial interest in the building. An IQP possesses comprehensive knowledge of the Building Act 2004 and other legal obligations under the Building Warrant of Fitness regime. They need to be registered with the local council to provide you with the services.

We are certified to carry out IQP inspections throughout South Island and North Island. We enjoy an excellent rapport with all Territorial Authorities nationwide to ensure your legal obligations are met for Form 12A (IQP certificates) within budget, on time, every time. BWoF Ltd. provides IQP services to many buildings South Island wide and can provide testing, survey, reporting and maintenance on the following systems:

SS4- Emergency lighting systems

IQP inspection | BWoF Services

SS6- Riser main for use by fire services

IQP inspection | BWoF Services | IQP Building Compliance Christchurch

Bulding warrent of fitness
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