How to find the right IQP (Independent Qualified Person) to look after your Building Warrant of Fitness requirement

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To ensure the safety of the building occupants & property Building Warrant of Fitness (also known as BWoF or Building WoF) scheme was created. The Building Act outlines the scope in evaluating the conditions of the specified systems (fire alarm, sprinkler, emergency lighting, automatic door, HVAC etc) to make sure those specified systems mentioned in your compliance schedule are in good working order.

A Building Warrant of Fitness (also known as Form 12) is a legal document stating that all the specified systems (as per the compliance schedule) installed inside the building have undergone maintenance, testing & reporting process over the past 12 months. To complete the BWoF process the building owner or the manager needs to engage an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) as they are qualified to do those specified system testing, reporting process & complete the necessary documentation well before the deadline (annual BWoF expiry date). In short, IQP’s will sign and process the form 12a (along with test reports) and if required will generate a Form 12 to submit to the local council for renewing the BWoF for the year. The building owner/manager needs to publicly display the BWoF Form (Form 12)  

Some idea’s on choosing the suitable Building WoF partner & IQP (independent qualified person):

Are you looking for an independent qualified person but not sure where to start?

Step1: Google is a good helper, you can google “building warrant of fitness” or IQP inspection”

You will see many companies offering their services, but you need to make sure the people are rightly qualified to offer you the correct services, luckily there are online registers where you can check that the IQP is suitably holding the registration for the specified systems in your building. Here is the register list for South Island.

Step 2: making sure the BWoF provider or IQP inspector holds the necessary registration.

it could be quite overwhelming to go over the list, best is to check your compliance schedule’s specified systems and look for IQP’s holding registration for those specified systems in your building. Some providers collaborate with other IQP’s to provide the BWoF. There are IQP’s who hold multiple registrations and multiple qualifications, for example, BWoF Ltd can look after almost all the systems in your building, saving you dealing with multiple contractors thus saving your time & money.

Step 3: Look for Reviews (Google Reviews or ask for existing client’s referral)

Just like any other trade industry, we have few people & organisation in these BWoF trade are “quite interesting” to say the least. Make sure to look for reviews, you are not buying a tangible item that is why it would be good if you could find a bit more of their reviews or client satisfaction before you engage them in your future projects. Please feel free to check out BWoF Ltd reviews here

Step 4: asking for a quote (make sure to ask for quotes from few companies to compare yourself)

Check-in with your “compliance schedule” to see the list of specified systems are needs to be looked after. When you call (or via email) the IQP be specific about your requirements and need. Some IQP’s need to see the building or actual site to gauge the scope of your compliance requirement. Some IQP would require your current Compliance schedule to quantify the work/inspection needed to look after your BWoF, if you don’t have a copy of the compliance schedule handy you can request a copy from the local council free of cost.

“Getting a quote” from the IQP should be free but some people might send you an invoice, so please ask the IQP or Building Warrant of fitness provider are offering a no-obligation free quote. Get 2 or 3 quotations to verify someone is not overcharging you and you are not paying for things you do not need. if you wish to save more time contact BWoF Ltd. we can assure you our invoice will be cheaper by 20% than any local IQP contracting business.  

Step 5: Be bold choose someone who uses current technologies & reporting procedures:

Many IQP providers are doing the “same old-same old” way of work. Nothing has changed for a few, still stuck in the ways of doing things the way they got trained. Ask the IQP whether their reporting procedure is going to be digital or just more papers going to be in the binders. If you find the IQP provides all the digital copies, then it has been a proven fact that the council audit goes smoothly. You can access your documents anytime from any place. GO DIGITAL!

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Step 6: Do the IQP or BWoF provider goes the extra mile for you:

Many building owners or managers do not wish to deal with the council when it comes to building warrant of fitness. Think of these 3 questions before you go ahead with any BWoF provider

Is your IQP / BWoF provider going to forward all the necessary documents to the council and renew your BWoF every year without a fuss?

At BWoF Ltd. we do this for you so you will not have to worry about getting a hard time from the council ever!

Will your IQP be present during the council audit of your building?

At BWoF Ltd, we will deal with the council on your behalf completely, you have no worries when you choose our IQP services.  

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Does your IQP hold multiple registrations which are going to save your time dealing with multiple contractors? 

At BWoF Ltd, we hold almost all the IQP registrations of your building so you have nothing to worry about looking for any other contractor, however, we are more than happy to collaborate with other contractors if necessary.

Are you looking for an IQP who would provide the best value for money for your Building Warrant of Fitness? or perhaps you looking for someone who can look after all the compliances in your whole building??

Yes, At BWoF Ltd. we guarantee our prices will always be cheaper by 20% no if’s and but’s and we can certainly look after your whole building compliances to ensure we are the one-stop place for all your building warrant of fitness needs.

We provide no obligation free quote and when we look after your building we issue all the documents digitally (also provide a paper copy if it’s needed) and of course a laminated copy of your BWoF certificate to publicly display.

Call us today about your BWoF issues at BWoF Ltd. 0204 296 369 or email us about your IQP concerns at 

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