Auckland Building warrant of fitness (BWOF)


Why would you need a Building warrant of fitness (BWOF) in Auckland?

There are many reasons why a person might need to get their Building warrant of fitness (BWOF) in Auckland. Maybe you’re a new homeowner (with specified systems installed in your home) in Auckland who’s just received your home insurance policy, and you’re concerned about the safety of your property and the welfare of your family. Or you could be a business/commercial property owner or occupier in Auckland looking to ensure that your premises comply with safety regulations. Whatever your reason for getting your BWOF, let us provide you with some helpful information about the process and help you decide how to get a BWOF in Auckland.

First let’s make one thing clear, in Auckland by law specifically under the Building Act 2004 all building owners in the Auckland area are obligated to annually apply for a Building warrant of fitness (BWOF). It is a certificate that is maintained by the Auckland Council. This certificate serves to prove two things,

  1. Your building’s specified systems have undergone inspections and maintenance.
  2. The compliance schedule’s requirements and procedures have all been met.

What do you need to do?

As a building owner in Auckland, you must display a Building warrant of fitness (BWOF) so that everyone using your building is informed that all of the systems are functional and safe, with no risks to their health or safety. You also need a compliance schedule, which is an inventory or list of specified systems located within a building. These specified systems are regulated by the Auckland council and their performance standards must be satisfied. You generally submit information on specified systems with your Form 12 Application for Building Consent. The application must be accompanied by documentation specifying the kind of system being installed. The Auckland council specified the responsibilities and demands of the building owners,

● To Hire an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to examine the specified systems and confirm that all of their procedures have been followed.

● Make sure to provide a copy of the BWOF certificate to us on or before the expiration date.

● Simply submit the Auckland council copies of all IQP certificates of compliance and corresponding recommendations.

● Make sure the BWOF certificate is visible to building users and on display in a commonplace.

What should you do?

As you can see It’s never simple to find the best Auckland Building warrant of fitness (BWOF) consultant for your compliance schedule. You must take into account their areas of expertise. However, for a new building owner in Auckland, managing a BWoF might be a very difficult undertaking. Even for an experienced building owner, it is an extremely tedious and time-consuming task. A lot of coordination, time, and homework must be done by the building owner alone, and most crucially, IQPs must still be hired to perform the building’s inspection and maintenance since they must sign Form 12A. So, generally, it is a good decision to work with a Building warrant of fitness (BWOF) service provider who is experienced in this field of work.

A BWoF might be a difficult process. It will undoubtedly be a huge weight off your shoulders if you have someone on your side who is knowledgeable in this area, can analyze your building compliance issues, and take care of a BWoF or audit from the council on your behalf. 

Nevertheless, you have to find a competent and suitable service provider in Auckland. But for an owner in Auckland that is cause for concern, in terms of which service provider to choose. Fortunately for you, BWoF LTD is the best authority on Building warrant of fitness (BWOF) in the Auckland area. 

Why work with us?

BWoF LTD has supplied building warrant of fitness and independent compliance consultancy services for over ten years in and around the Auckland area, saving commercial building owners and managers thousands of dollars in needless building compliance work. Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice,

●  Affordability: Our prices are exceptionally competitive because we don’t have the bureaucracy and overheads of the big corporations, thus we won’t be outbid on price or services. Our promise to you is to provide high-quality services on time, within budget, each and every time.

●  Efficiency: We can reach you swiftly and turn over the necessary papers as soon as possible. Access your documents at any time, from anywhere thanks to the Paperless -Cloud-Based-Access.

●  Experience: Our meticulous attention to detail, careful planning of deadlines, and skilled project management set us apart from the competition. We are aware of the surroundings you are in and may collaborate with you to create a package that is specific to your requirements.

●  Customized Service: We are a dynamic, small business that can provide personalized service based on your unique demands.


We work hard to determine what an upcoming compliance schedule will require for your building to be successful the first time. Leave the difficulties of a BWoF to us; our professionals will handle all of your BWoF-related issues with a fair amount of simplicity. You may rest assured that the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) procedure is being handled correctly and intelligently by BWoF Ltd since we guarantee your safety and security. Contact us at 0204 296 369 or with any questions you may have about the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) or IQP Inspections in the Auckland area.

Bulding warrent of fitness
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